Heralds of the Order Press Kit


Heralds of the Order is a turn-based strategy game boiled down to the genre’s core principles. Utilize positioning and abilities with elaborate patterns to achieve victory! Featuring hand drawn art and over 20 story chapters.


Maala, land once full of hope and now reduced to a shadow of its former self. The Gods would guide humanity forward and try their best to fulfill their wishes. Until one day they disappeared and left it to fend for itself. The Order of Balance was created to ensure the people weren’t lost completely in this godless world they now inhabit. The Order was great for those in search of a roof over their heads, but man's greed can exceed a roof. Rumors of artifacts, unknown to most, resurfaced. As a patronus of the Order, it is your duty to retrieve them before they fall into the wrong hands, you will find new allies on your way and uncover more about the Gods of the land than you might have believed.

About the team

We're a three man team, consisting of two programmers and one artist, based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We spent our high school years dreaming of a career in the games industry, learning basics like programming and using various engines like Unity. We attended some local game jams and found that there was an active community around us with simular interests. When we began university we decided that it was the prefect time to try our luck in the indiegaming scene. And that's how we began this project as an experiment if we could survive developing indie games or if we had to find "real jobs".

Key Features

  • Turnbased tactical combat boiled down to it's core priciples. Where positioning and countering the enemies defences are the key to victory.
  • Hand drawn line art and animations with 6 unique environments.
  • Over 20 handcrafted missions with optional pickups containing powerful God Powers which provide you an edge for the rest of your journey.
  • Adapt your strategy! Customize your parties stats and chose from the numerous God Powers to overcome the chalanges ahead of you.
  • Unique boss fights with devastating attacks requiring perfect positioning to avoid.
  • 8 party members each with there unique motivations and abilities.
  • Abilities with elaborate patterns.
  • Various attack and deffence types which determine the effectiveness of an attack.
  • Various boons and hazzards are scatered around the terrain.
  • Energy management. The turn order depends on which units energy bar will fill up first. Many factors effect this such as the units individual stats and the actions it takes during it's turn.
  • Devastating God Powers which can alter the course of combat.
  • Out flanking your enemy increases the power of your abilities.


A video of me playing trough our free demo.

Here's an interview we did with Eddie from Playing Indies. Fair warning: talking isn't one of our strongest skills.

A showcase of some of our animations along with the rotoscopes they came from.



"Let’s save the world of Maala in this new turn-based strategy game inspired by The Banner Saga. "


""Heralds of The Order" by @ArcheanGames promises richly detailed turn-based strategy. "

CaptainD, Indie Game News

"I was immediately struck by the quality of the art and animation on display. "

Rob Covell I Played The Game!

"This is a turn-based game which reminds me of chess-based strategy as you have to consider every move you make."

Unknown Games



Archean Games

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Turn-Based Strategy


Windos, Linux, Mac OS